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Magnetic Sunglass holders - A Perfect Solution

We have the perfect solution for the magnetic sunglass holders, The SpecSecure by ReadeREST! The SpecSecure magnetic sunglass holders gives your sunglasses protection. Its simple, fast, and you can attach them anywhere. When using the magnetic sunglasseholders, you will always be able to remember right where you put your shades. Our magnetic sunglass holders uses the power of magnets and lightweight pieces that will automatically attach to your shirt, protect your eyewear, and will not poke holes in your clothes.

You can attach the magnetic sunglass holders on any type of fabric. Try it on a t-shirt, suit jacket, bathing suite, or jeans. Bright colorful swimwear allows you to express yourself at the pool or beach. You should also have a chance to express your personality through how you carry your sunglasses! That’s why our wide selection of designer magnetic sunglass holderss allows your personality to finally meet functionality. We have a product to match any outfit you can dig out of your closet. SpecSecure magnetic sunglass holderss come in black, white, silver or covered with Swarovski crystals in any color you could imagine. Elvis Presley rocked sunglasses to match his outfit. The most expensive pair of sunglasses ever sold on ebay are his Madison Square Garden’s at $250,000. We also offer varying shapes such as a red or black heart, wide body deluxe, and aviator style. Are you in search of new spectacle accessory that won’t irritate your neck like eyeglass lanyards and necklaces do? Than we have got the solution for you! It’s so compact you will need a reason not to take it everywhere. Never misplace or crush your sunglasses at the pool or beach again. Accessorize with SpecSecure it’s amazingly simple!


Stainless Steel SpecSecure

About SpecSecure

The simple solution for eyewear management problems – keep your glasses within hands reach, safely and securely with SpecSecure by ReadeREST. Using the power of magnets, place the back plate behind an article of clothing and the front piece on the outside of your clothing – the magnets will automatically attach and self-center without poking holes! Simply hang your glasses. You can bend over without your glasses falling out. AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!